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CRF Asset Management Corporation Co.,Ltd  >>

  Mainly relying on the resources of the group, CRF Asset Management Corporation Co.,Ltd. strives to develop in the capital operation with three major aspects as its business, i.e. business of investment banks, stock-right investment and business of industrial foundation. Besides, it is experiencing further development in the business of investment guarantee.



Jiangsu Shengtai Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd. >>

  With a registered capital of one hundred million Yuan (RMB), it is a share-holding enterprise under the group. The company has a batch of professionals engaged in advanced management of finance for a long time. Besides, relying on investment companies of famous brands, it is chiefly engaged in such business as credit guarantee, financial service of supply chains, investment banks, stock-right investment, disposal, operation and fixed income of assets.


Development foundation of new energy of Zhongrun  >>

A. Partner enterprise Co., Ltd. of new energy investment of Zhongrun: Two hundred million Yuan (RMB) as the initial scale chiefly invested in developing enterprises with the potential of being listed in the market in the field of new energy.

B. The trust plan of investment of new energy of Zhongrun: The scale of investment in the first phase is one hundred million to two hundred million Yuan (RMB) chiefly invested in the construction of quality assets of industrial chains of Zhongrun Oil and particularly the construction of terminals of gas stations.