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Mininon (Zhenjiang) Aircraft Plant

  It is a modern industrial park of aviation developed as a joint venture of Zhongrun Group and Russian Сухой, producing air-planes for civil purpose while promoting the development of related industrial chains. The total investment in this park amounted to 1.8 billion US dollars as designed. Air-planes of a new generation for civil purpose developed and produced in the initial stage involved six types, i.e. M-60 air-planes for civil purpose, D-7N helicopters (vertical) of a new generation, ultra-light CBN-A4 air-planes for multi-purposes (i.e. air-planes, helicopters and gliders), NT-1 light air-planes for multi-purposes (Rain-Swallow), light air-planes (cm-92) and water-borne air-planes (cbn-a5).The major technical indexes of such air-planes take the lead in the same industry in the world, enjoying very strong competitiveness in the market.

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