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Post-leading role of oil age -methanol era coming towards us

发布日期2011-04-14   来源:中润集团

 1.Cognition and practice make us excited enough

    The earth's oil resources are limited. According to the present consumption, the oil reserves resources we can use only for decades. This is a simple problem all understand;

     At present, China's dependence on foreign oil has been above 55%, and the rapid development of the industrial economy, car economy and will also record new historical highs oil prices have been seriously endangering our energy security and economic life.

     In 2006, the winner of the Nobel Prize for chemistry, famous organic chemist George a. aulas published "Across the oil and gas time: methanol economy", focusing on methanol facing the global energy crisis, this paper puts forward a new concept of solving the energy problem: methanol economy, as a solution to the problem of energy after The Times of oil and gas, the book also cites large data on chemical and basic chemical aspects to prove that it is a trend

Methanol gasoline is the best choice to replace vehicle fuel

    Comparison of new energy bus :

    Solar car--solar energy conversion rate is still low, and need expensive cost;

    Power (battery) car--charging technology and popularization still have a great distance;

    Natural gas car-natural gas resources and oil also has development bottleneck;

    Dimethyl ether car-easily explosive, not suitable for safety requirements;

    Ethanol and gasoline car--rob food resources, a high cost, impossible to depend on the state  

    subsidies for the end;

    High proportion-that is, above 85% methanol car proportion, abundant resources, cheap and


    Low proportion of methanol gasoline car-M5-M15-M45 methanol gasoline, the highest proportion

    can replace the 50% gasoline, without changes to the car engine, economy applicable.

    In most new energy vehicles such as solar energy, electricity, gas, dimethyl ether, etc, it they have  a feature in common which needs to change the engine. No matter how much it costs, its facilities (charging station, charging station) is also a vast system engineering, so it is only suitable for some local industries; Without a doubt, current cars and cars which also should be made according to the development of the existing model cars (cars and gas station facilities) is still the mainstream in quite a while. if there is no change to the mode of new alternative energy, it will be save social resources largely , then methanol gasoline is worthy of first selection...

2.Methanol time has come

(1)advantage of methanol fuel

A. Environmental protection, and outstanding cleaning

    The process of production use the clean technology without "three wastes", the product does not contain lead and so on, its test results of emissions show that its CO and HC compounds has less hazardous ingredients than regular gasoline respectively decreased by 95.3% and 22.2%, and the residues of methanol is only 3.5 mg/m3, which reduce carbon deposition, extend engine life, and greatly reduce the harmful gas of the automobile exhaust emissions and reduce the level of pollution to the environment.

B. Easy to use, no changes to the device

    Methanol gasoline and oil products can be used at the same time, not only save device gasoline costs, but also can save restructuring costs. It can use alone or device USES a mixture, so it is "fully staffed".

C. Low cost, to buy raw material sources, widely

    Compared with gasoline and ethanol gasoline, it needs lower cost, and raw material is easy to buy, and also have wide sources. (1) The ethanol (known as alcohol), it mainly comes from food, the source of materials is single, once suffering the calamity, cutting production, the sources of the raw materials is a problem. But methanol is by-products of chemical fertilizers and pharmaceutical, coal industry, etc and also we can use the chemical raw materials to synthetize methanol. The price is low and source is very extensive. (2)The market price for ethanol is more than 4000 Yuan/ton, and methanol is usually 2000Yuan/ton, ethanol is a time more than methanol. At the same time, ethanol and gasoline is 10% ethanol into gasoline. Due to the gasoline ethanol itself is more expensive, and the price of gasoline is also more expensive than chemical raw materials, the comprehensive cost of gasoline is above 800yuan than ethanol per ton.

D. It is different from the production of gasoline, lubricating oil that the production of methanol gasoline can run all the year round. Without heating, compression, there is no water in the state of production. According to this unit or individual’s economic status and market factor, the scale of the production could be big or small.

E. Methanol can also use natural gas and organic matter to produce, extricated from dependence on oil.

F. The reforming technology of methanol is more mature, the reforming temperature is low (< 300 ), and is not easy to burn. It won't produce burning and the risk of explosion, and also has good safety.

(2) Prime minister Wen investigated the new energy vehicles industry in our country and instructs that "in the next 20 to 30 years, methanol gasoline is the most suitable alternative energy for China's national conditions ". Hu Jintao, li keqiang, party and state leaders have also successively instructions to develop methanol gasoline alternative energy sources.

    The energy situation of our country is: rich in coal, lack of oil and gas, less of renewable energy. In the total energy reserves raw coal has proved in 87.4%, crude oil accounts for only 2.8%. Coal can be used for hundreds of years, we can use coal to produce clean energy such as jujube methanol, diethyl ether, then use methanol to produce hydrogen. Methanol is not only the most basic chemical raw materials, and can be used for the car clean fuel, also can replace almost all kinds of energy, therefore ensure security of national energy for one hundred years. Seizing alcohol clean energy, we master the main contradiction of the energy problem. Some other alternative fuel (such as food system, such as ethanol, LPG CNG) can't become a dominant energy of the car because of the cost and safety factors which limit the supply only in small scale.

(3) Methanol gasoline promotion has been officially into national strategy

    In December 2010, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently has organized the symposium on methanol auto pilotand the symposium is mainly about pilot promotion on high percentage of methanol fuel such matters and arrangements in Shanghai, Shaanxi, Shanxi (M85, M100). "M15 methanol gasoline vehicle," which gained much concern has owned the national standard, and has been approved by experts, formally reported to the State Standards Committee, and the implementation is expected to release during the first half of 2011. This suggests that the promotion of methanol and gasoline will significantly speed, and promotion of methanol and gasoline in large area are just around the corner.

     Long-term demonstrations of the experts and the sensing results show that currently  methanol and gasoline vehicles involved in corrosion and swelling have been basically solved, Methanol fuel modulation centers, gas stations and other supporting infrastructure and technical standards have been initially established and improved, carrying out methanol and gasoline vehicles to experimental work has been qualified.

3. CRPC Innovation Energy Co. Ltd Is an industry leader

    The core technology of the methanol gasoline is additive technique and technology. currently in the field only few enterprises have competitive advantages (including petro china ,sinopec) and CRPC Innovation Energy Co. has studied in this area for years. It is also a member of the fuel and the alcohol ethers clean gasoline professional committee, one of the 50 experts in jiangsu province in the standing committee of the national alcohol ethers fuel ,one of the committee for local standards of methanol gasoline for M45 in Jiangsu Province.

    The domestic industry leading authority-Shanghai institute of internal combustion engine evaluation: "The leading products of new energy in embellish oil Co., LTD is methanol gasoline M45 and had been run in Jiangsu province for several years. Independent research and development of additives solve a series of technique problems, such as: the proportion of methanol gasoline engine performance lowers in, swelling of nonmetal material and storage for long time, cold start difficult to start cold and so on. There is no need to reform the engine, and has stable versatility and alternative, has the good water resistance and prominent characteristics of phase separation. All of the above realize the proportion of catalytic combustion of methanol gasoline, improve combustion characteristics of methanol gasoline on the engine, increased the output power of the engine, improve the dynamic performance of methanol gasoline. There is full consideration in research and development of M45 methanol gasoline, and suitableness and comprehension in solving the problems, and has very innovation and sophistication obviously, and in a leading level in similar products of research. Through the inspection of the authoritative institutions, the performance of monitoring and indexes meet or exceed global performance of vehicle gasoline and index of 90#-97#. November 20, 2006 the technology had passed in Jiangsu province by the science and technology hall organization of scientific and technological achievements appraisal. At the same time, had successively through the technology appraisal of Jiangsu province quality technology supervision bureau, Sinopec branch of Jinling quality test center, Yuejin motor (group) corporation automotive research institute of Jiangsu province, and environment monitoring center, disease prevention and control center, science and technology innovation consulting center of Jiangsu province".

4. In the aspect of new energy, CRPC Innovation Energy Co. will continue to be a fantastic breakthrough in the field of research and practice

    Because methanol produced from coal is still non-renewable, so the resources circulation is a revolutionary. The CRPC Group has made gratifying breakthrough in the research aspects of new energy, especially in research of biomass to methanol, obtaining carbon dioxide to methanol. This method are very rich in biological resources, such as straw, crop stem, the scraps, rolling wooden from factory ,after finishing the sugar cane and weeds, etc. For raw material, they make methanol renewable ,the same with ethanol.

  We can believe that the CRPC Group will become the company with most industrial imagination and investment rate in the near future.