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Group Profile

  Cnrun lnvestment holdings Co.,Ltd., i.e. Zhongrun Group, is an industrial group established according to international standards. Enerptises under its management have basically formed a strategic framework of “One industry as the mainstay, with two wings developing at the same time and abundant capital as guarantee” through development of many years. In other words, it is a share-holding group with R&D and operation of new materials as the basis, investment in and development of circulatory economy and industrial park of aviation as two wings and business of financial capital as guarantee. Four platforms are just like four carriages galloping forward. 

  CRPC Innovation Energy Co.,Ltd., is one approved by National Administration of Industry and Commerce and transformed in the light of a market-listed company. It has laid a solid foundation in the fields of new energy, energy-saving and environmental protection thanks to its reliance on such R&D resources and advantages as Nanjing University, authoritative institutions of scientific research of China and academicians. The company is a standing-member unit of National Committee of Alcohol Ether Fuel and Automobile Cleaning via Alcohol Ether and a vice-director unit of the Chamber of Commerce of Oil Industry under the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Jiangsu province. The company enjoys fame for its products related to cleaning and energy-saving, having won unanimus high appraisal from such management departments and authoritative national institutions as related national ministries and commissions as well as clients.

  CRS Circular economy lnvestment Co.,Ltd.of Investment in and Development of Circulatory Economy is also a company approved by National Administration of Industry and Commerce. It bases itself on investment in and operation of industries of circulatory economy, with energy-saving, environmental protection and renewable resources as mainstays. The web-site “Renewable resources in China” under its jurisdiction, which has been operating for six years, has as many as 20000 members. The company is also dedicating itself to establishing the most standard and the most accurate and timely quotation system and platform of transaction in the area of renewable resources in China.

  Industrial Park of Zhongrun Aviation: It is a modern industrial park of aviation developed as a joint venture of the group and Russian Сухой, producing air-planes for civil purpose while promoting the development of related industrial chains. The total investment in this park amounted to 1.8 billion US dollars as designed. Air-planes of a new generation for civil purpose developed and produced in the initial stage involved six types, i.e. M-60 air-planes for civil purpose, D-7N helicopters (vertical) of a new generation, ultra-light CBN-A4 air-planes for multi-purposes (i.e. air-planes,helicopters and gliders), NT-1 light air-planes for multi-purposes (Rain-Swallow), light air-planes (cm-92) and water-borne air-planes (cbn-a5).The major technical indexes of such air-planes take the lead in the same industry in the world, enjoying very strong competitiveness in the market.

  Mainly relying on the resources of the group, CRF Asset Management Corporation Co.,Ltd. strives to develop in the capital operation with three major aspects as its business, i.e. business of investment banks, stock-right investment and business of industrial foundation. Besides, it is experiencing further development in the business of investment guarantee.