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Message From The President

Distinguished people from all walks of life, clients of Zhongrun Group, business-related units and share-holders:
  According to the verse of a poem by Du Pu in ancient times: “Timely rain falls in the right season of spring, moistening things silently at night along with breeze.” Our group has come into being exactly amidst the spring breeze of rapid development of our great motherland, having laid a solid foundation for our industrial framework marked by broadness, extensiveness, meticulousness and profoundness of “Run” (i.e. moistening).
  Over the past years, with the concern of people from all walks of life, under the support of all our clients, together with correct decisions of all share-holders, we have gone through countless hardships and obstacles in our pioneering work and made one achievement after another with joy. For many years, taking energy-saving, environmental protection and service to society as our own tasks, we have been making constant innovations in the fields of new energy and circulatory economy, having developed in size and strength and initially found out a correct way conforming to our benign development.   
  Becoming a good citizen in society is the first thing for the development of an enterprise. Earnestly fulfilling the social responsibility as an enterprise is an active measure for building up harmonious socialist society as well as an important channel for enhancing the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Zhongrun Group has been adhering to the enterprise tenet of “ Serving the society, saving energy, protecting environment and benefiting mankind” , hence having effectively promoted our sustainable development.
  We have always been taking R&D of new energy as the basis, constantly making greater investment of human resources and funds, dedicating to the forefront of the development of new energy, hence having maintained the position as the leader in this industry. Our company is a standing-member unit of National Committee of Alcohol Ether Fuel and Automobile Cleaning via Alcohol Ether, a drfter of standards for alcohol ether in Jiangsu province and a key high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu. In this connection, we have conducted scientific experiments for a long time, having made contributions to the promotion of national standards in this industry and implementation of national strategies for energy development.   
  We devote ourselves to providing quality products and thoughtful service to clients, having further enhanced the image of our brands. Relying on such advantages as Internet, management and service, we have been elevating our level of service, improving ways of service, taking various measures of supporting and benefiting farmers as well as making things convenient for them, making greater efforts, expanding scopes of work, serving “farmers, farming and countryside ”, serving transport of goods and ensuring supply, thus having made active contributions in increasing the output of agricultural products and easing the shortage of energy.   
  Taking people as our basis, we have created a desirable work atmosphere marked by unity and harmonious coordination among employees. In addition, we also take an active part in undertakings of public welfare in society to energetically promote the build-up of harmonious society, having constantly filled the enterprise development with vigor and motive force.
  Our achievements today are only the first step of a long march. The era is developing while sicence and technology are making progress. Since our company is becoming stronger and bigger in economic strength as well as more and more open to the public, we will shoulder heavier tasks and more responsibilities. Looking into the future, we will further study and practice the scientific concept of development, advance continuously toward the goal of turning our company into one with fairly strong competitiveness in the development of new energy and circulatory economy and make greater contributions to promoting the growth of industries of new energy and circulatory economy in China.