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Company Profile

  CRPC Innovation Energy Co.,Ltd. (CRPC) is a share-holding Co., Ltd. approved by National Administration of Industry and Commerce and transformed in the light of a market-listed company. As a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province, it bases itself on R&D and popularization of new energy. Particularly distinguishing itself in R&D of alcohol ether fuel, it is highly appraised by related national ministries and commissions as well as authoritative national institutions since its research achievements and industrial position rank the first in China. Zhongrun Oil is a standing-member unit of National Committee of Alcohol Ether Fuel and Automobile Cleaning via Alcohol Ether, a vice-director unit of the Chamber of Commerce of Oil Industry under the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Jiangsu province and a drafter of local standards for methyl alcohol petrol used by automobiles of M series in Jiangsu province. As board chairman, Mr. Wang Julin is a senior expert in chemical industry, haing won a number of national patents. Besides, he is one of 50 expert-oriented members of National Committee of Standardization of Alcohol Ether Fuel.

  For years, Zhongrun Oil has been devoting itself to providing quality products and thoughtful service to clients. Its increasing number of service stations have covered a number of provinces and municipalities in Eastern China, with its brand image being enhanced constantly and its product sales volume rising by folds each year. At the same time, the company is continuously exploring in the field of new energy, having made new breakthroughs in the aspects of bio-methyl alcohol and acquisition of carbon dioxide methyl alcohol. Now, it has been taken by the responsible national department as a unit deserving important support, a unit which will inevitably make active contributions in the strategic development of national energy.