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Industry: Discussion of the Sustainable Development of Oil Refinery

发布日期2011-08-25   来源:中润集团

    Report from our correspondent: On August 22nd and 23rd, Shanxi Extended Oil Group held a meeting with the theme of the promotion of clean fuel production and the sustainable development of refining enterprise in Xi’an. More than 100 experts and technicians presented and made a deep communication and discussion, which was around the following subjects: the oil refinery of the opportunities and challenges, oil refinery the future and development direction, and how to achieve oil refinery green low carbon, sustainable development important issues and so on.

    Chinese academy of sciences He Mingyuan told that how to realize the sustainable development of the oil refining industry in resources for replacement brightness issues. This paper expounds the decrease in oil resources and in the near future to the dry situation. It also remind the oil refinery enterprises that they should realize the idea from the oil refining to making as soon as possible, use fee synthesis, kerosene mixed refine, biological and photocatalytic technology making alternative, the flat use oil of mature catalysis hydrogenation and extraction technology, producing quality fuel the social needed. He Mingyuan also pointed out that the methanol as chemical raw materials, transportation and alternative fuel oil production olefins (MTO), aromatic route is the most realistic alternative ways of oil at present and in the future, and he called for petroleum refining enterprise close attention and actively participated in.

    The sarft of Oil and chemical industry Gu Zongqin published that China will continue to eliminate backward refinement capacity, follow the park, intensive principle, construction a number of the world of oil refining scale ethylene- -fine chemical industry-aromatic integrated production base. Through the existing ethylene plant capacity of innovation and new projects, it can further increase China's productivity and production of ethylene.

    Delegates at the summit also made discussion and exchange on the following subjects: how to raise the proportion of wood/gasoline so as to reduce energy consumption and oil refining countries to get off implementation of standard with improvement of fuel quality, green low carbon under the background of catalytic cracking technology at home and abroad, and frontier refinery process and technical issues such as the catalyst.

    The meeting was undertaken by the Shanxi Yan’an Oil (group), extend oil (group) refining company.