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Methanol Fuel Enterprises Start Car Club

发布日期2011-08-30   来源:中润集团

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      Methanol fuel enterprises start car club

Is the power of the car enough after drinking M85 methanol? Will the control device not cause damage to cars? Will burning of methanol fuel not corrosion engine? Is the fuel supply enough after adding the device? ...... Facing these doubts, many drivers are afraid to use methanol gasoline flinch, and dare to try easily. But unexpected that since this year, taxi driver in Taiyuan city scramble to line up and quietly drank from the modified the M85 methanol gasoline. A few days ago, director of clean fuel automobile leadership group of Taiyuan city, Chen Zhongzhan told reporters that in Taiyuan city methanol fuel development began in earnest, in addition to national policy aspects of the factors, but also benefit from methanol fuel enterprise by the methanol auto club promotion.

On August 20, the reporter found the methanol car club directors-new source of Shanxi project and fuel Co., LTD (Shanxi new source), the chairman of the board Zhang Fa. Once meeting, he told reporters: "Don't look down on this club; at present in Taiyuan city we have 2000 modified cars which use M85 methanol gasoline in a taxi, and 750 cars are members of the club.

Talking about the purpose of building the club, he said we had an entity enterprise of fuel alcohol ethers industry in Shanxi Province. We just wanted to put good friends together and now it has become a platform for methanol automotive test and promotion platform.

New Source Company dedicated to clean energy research and extension of the car project in Taiyuan city, and designated methanol fuel control center and modified M85, M100 car of the industrialization of the methanol promotion model enterprise. The company has three sets of modern alcohol ethers fuel production equipment, with an annual capacity of 20000 tons of methanol steam, diesel degeneration alcohol ethers production allocate device; Annual output of 5000 tons of alcohol ethers fuel additive production equipment; The annual capacity of 50000 tons, the online automation allocate device of M15, , M5 M85 M100 methanol gasoline.

He said, once the car transiting M85 methanol car, collection of scientific research data, the products such as improving direction of need and the market demand, and do real-time tracking. The company selected a group of experienced and responsible drivers from the club members, and did operation skill on methanol car, safety issues and other professional training, and made the drivers master the characteristics of methanol fuel and methanol fuel automobile use properties. In addition, the club has also established full-time support staff, to analyze daily route record, master the change of automobile technical status in time, explore the vehicle breakdown discipline, summarize methanol vehicle maintenance points, and ensure that the methanol fuel car is in good technical status.

In the process of operation, the club established a special group to collect data, and do research on vehicle group of daily tracking registration trip, fuel consumption, exhaust gas detection, mechanical failure, the establishment of a complete vehicle operation parameter and archives, the analysis of the problems and handle in time. In the process of continuous test, Shanxi New Source Company also invented the gasoline with gasoline and diesel additive, help solvent, agent, corrosion inhibitors power boost independently. These success of the new products invention solve many problems, such as vehicle fuel methanol as underpowered, summer weather resistance, winter cold start sent, metal corrosion and rubber swelling a series of technical problems. Among them, the FS patent solved the following problems, methanol gasoline long-distance transportation, and long-time storage of the technical problems. At present, various technical indicators and technology formula, preparation method of methanol gasoline series products are in a leading level in domestic industry.

The taxi driver AT6675 Yang Xuebing is old member of the club. He told reporters proudly that his car is one of the first ten taxis which used local high rates of car modified methanol, and had been lasted for two years. As the emissions of car pollution had been effectively controlled, and methanol gasoline for the automobile spare parts, rubber parts, such as plastic parts do not produce corrosion, swelling, methanol gasoline does have toxicity. He said the step of modifying methanol car was right. Now in the era of domestic high oil prices, price of gasoline is less than half of the methanol fuel economic efficiency good, we are all very happy.

The reporter met a taxi driver Fang Dongtang at the gas station on XiMing Road in Taiyuan City. He said that he just received message from the club and knew that prices of methanol gasoline was down. Now entering the gas station, he is no longer to add 93 to the staff, but said to get some methanol. He said that every day the trip of a car is 400 km, a taxi calculation province 60 Yuan, saved 21600 Yuan per year. According to the regulations of the national taxi fixed use number 8 years, it can save 172800. This is particularly considerable economic benefits for a taxi. The savings can change two new cars."

     The deputy secretary-general of the national alcohol ethers fuel and alcohol ethers clean car professional committee thinks that methanol fuel and promotion of methanol cars are hard to be popularized because decision of the government department arrives too late, establishing the club is the enterprise promotion of methanol fuel a new pattern, is a light color of the industrialization promotion of methanol in China.