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The Methanol Industry around The World Seeking Win-Win Cooperation

发布日期2011-09-19   来源:中润集团

             Sidelights on International methanol industry development forum

    September 9th, early autumn of Tianjin is cool. As a special conference of China in 2011 -international methanol industry development forum presents a warm atmosphere. This is an industry event, many large enterprises and related field methanol guests of domestic and foreign to participate in. Strengthen consultations, improve the level of cooperation, realize a win-win goal, and promote global methanol order, the health of the industry development to make Chinese and foreign enterprise represents reach a methanol joint voice.

    China petroleum and chemical industry association, vice-chairman of nitrogen fertilizer industry association director Li Shousheng says, everybody pays high attention to methanol products, because of the market position of methanol. Especially in our country at present capacity, output and consumption of the methanol production have become the world's first, and the aboard pay attention to the development and application of methanol downstream field. Methanol is one which has a potential market, full of expectation, increased traditional demands, and emerging market opening of downstream is accelerating speed. For example, methanol has great potential in fuel and energy field. The development of automobile industry in our country is very fast, automobile production last year got to 18 million vehicles. If a car consumes 2 tons of oil products according to plan, all the car needed 36 million tons of oil in all, and it was much higher than the supply capacity. Although related standards are not perfect, supporting facilities are not complete but there is no doubt that downstream market will develop quickly.

    The world's largest supplier of methanol Mithaniel's senior vice President Huo Luolun introduced the methanol fuel in the world of application. He said, one-third of the global methanol used in energy field, and can be directly blended with gasoline, or in biodiesel and diethyl ether to application. The Netherlands has completed low proportion methanol fuel tested and under the support of government, M85 fuel used on the car successfully; The current British blend1.7 methanol in gasoline; Sweden Saab apply methanol gasoline in the car in flexible fuel; Malaysia's state oil company is in the lead position in the field of methanol fuel use demonstration, and national support continues to increase; Iran's M15 pilot project has begun, and has made the road test planning. Mithaniel Company developed car demonstration projects in methanol in Trinidad to promote methanol fuel.

    Huo LuoLun said, in 2012 global demand for methanol is about 48 million tons, industry supply and demand prospects. Expected that new methanol production capacity is limited from 2011 to 2015, global and Mithaniel existing infrastructure production capacity will improve. He hoped to have more contact with the Chinese enterprise, and cooperation with China’s industry, government departments to promote methanol in new areas of application.

    President assistant of Shanghai Hua Yi group Co., LTD suggested, Chinese and foreign methanol enterprise can actively carry out technical exchanges, strengthen economic and trade cooperation, China's enterprises to actively "going out", to foreign companies in emerging downstream products of investment, extend the industrial chain, reduce the homogeneous product competition. He hoped to promote the development of methanol emerging downstream products with international methanol enterprise together, jointly maintain the sustained and healthy development of the global methanol industry. Inner Mongolia Yuan Xin energy Co., LTD, deputy general manager Wang Donggang said it is necessary to establish a communication platform and mechanism to realize the effective communication for both domestic and foreign. He also proposed China nitrogen fertilizer industry association to set up a communication platform with foreign related industry association of industry organization, in this way Chinese and foreign methanol industry can communicate f relevant information, work together to maintain good market, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

    The second largest global methanol manufacturers sand beak oxide department Asia-pacific manager Lin said, this ritual communication is very necessary, sand beak hope to do a win-win cooperation China’s methanol enterprise. Iran PCCI company strategic planning and referred to the general manager Mu Shafa shows, Iran has the MTO, MTP project which use up of methanol, other methanol are sold to China, India, Taiwan of China and Europe, etc. Iran hopes that China’s enterprise can invest to Iran's. Mu Shafa said there must be a communication platform, finding the corresponding solutions, and more cooperation, better coordination.

    The eleventh five-year plan period, China methanol apparent consumption grows rapidly , and reached 22.7 million tons in 2010, increased 1.9 times more than 2005, with annual growth of 23.7 higher than methanol production growth, 1.8%. From 1997 to 2010, the average annual growth rate of methanol demand was 4.7 , expected 2011 to 2015 this growth will reach 7.3 . It said the methanol demand of the rapid growth of the industry of China has made an important contribution for the world methanol. Another data showed that in 2010, China imported 5.19 million tons methanol, increased 6.1 times more than 2007 years, China has become the world's leading methanol consumer market.

    Representative of Chinese and foreign methanol enterprise expressed that communication is very necessary, and should further improve the level of cooperation, the expansion of fields of cooperation, rich cooperation content.

The desire of cooperation and exchange between Chinese and foreign methanol enterprise are sincerely and urgent. It is believed that by the joint efforts of both sides, and by establishing a long-term consultation, communication mechanism, the world of methanol industry will be more beautiful tomorrow without malignant competition.