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China's First International Helicopter Expo Ends in Tianjin (PRC)

发布日期2011-09-22   来源:中润集团

PRC Tianjin September 18 (Xinhua Chen Jie) Chin’s first international helicopter expo in Tianjin ends today, which lasted for four days. The expo offers a display and a platform of communication for the global helicopter manufacturers straightly and promotes cooperation and development of the international helicopter industry, shows luminaries of the investment environment of Tianjin Binhai district, and creates good opportunities for the helicopter enthusiasts and audience to know helicopter. Audience from both at home and abroad of the professional is nearly ten thousand; the general audience is nearly 40000 people, which shows professional charm of a helicopter.

The first Tianjin straight expo present 3 big characteristics, the first exhibition is high quality. 211 enterprises from 19 countries and areas such as the United States, France, Italy, Germany and so on, which include the straight, the American west coase base, Italy, the ancient tower, the United States, Russia, China and bell helicopter companies, also include the international famous helicopter manufacturers, which are the American mainstream, Ryan brothers, Switzerland, the United States MaRuiKe Eric sen, Poland PZL, the United States, he's and other five well-known helicopter factory; The second is strong participation. As the only expo in the world at present which has the helicopter flight performance. The exposition of the professional exhibition held with six streaks, the total air show flight reaches 60 sorties, 5 hours and 40 minutes. The helicopter formation flight performance used the form of practice and training. The performance show the people's liberation army (PLA) the aviation units in a superb flying unit such as control ability and the domestic and foreign advanced performance; The third is strong profession. During the exhibition, around the development the airline industry and helicopter industry, they held China helicopter development BBS, general aviation and financial leasing project BBS, "new product, new technology, new service" seminars and product promotion, project contract signing, business negotiations, the Binhai new area in the aerospace industry development seminar more than a thematic activities, such as for all exhibitors and professional personage to provide the exchange fully professional platform. During the exhibition we signed 11 agreements on sales and cooperation, involving 28 helicopters, and frame catic helicopter company new signed helicopter order is up to eight frames.

 According to information, the second Tianjin international helicopter expo of China will be held in September 2013 in Binhai district of Tianjin.