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The Promotion IV Gasoline of Four Quarter in Nanjing"(China Chemical Industry News)

发布日期2011-09-30   来源:中润集团

Report from our correspondent (freelance reporter Yao Yaofu) On September 21, head of Jiangsu environmental protection bureau Chen Mengmeng announced the news during the conference of construction and ecological civilization of Jiangsu province that Nanjing will use IV gasoline in the fourth quarter this year.

Chen said, IV gasoline standards of Jiangsu province will first take the lead in pushing in Nanjing. As to the IV gasoline prices in Jiangsu, the national development and reform commission are also in research examination and approval of, but because of the increase in the cost of oil refining, prices of IV oil may be higher than now.

Chen said, including the environmental protection bureau many departments are joint the promotion of IV gasoline in Jiangsu province. There is no problem with the current production in Nanjing, and in Nanjing automobile can add IV gasoline. In the fourth quarter of the year or at the end of this year, Nanjing will take the lead in the province to use IV gasoline. Oil prices are also considering a new round of rise. At the same time, the other 7 cities along Yangtze river in Jiangsu province will take the lead in pushing IV gasoline from the end of this year to early next year, the implementation of the IV gasoline motor vehicle access, and in an appropriate time next year to implement IV standard oil.

Note: IV gasoline belongs to cleaner and more environmental protection of vehicle fuel, one of the sulfur content of less than a third of the country gasoline, can cut exhaust emissions by about 10%, which cut by as much as 80%. The sulfur dioxide at present Guangzhou auto possession has reached 1.8 million units, and according to estimates, after the comprehensive promotion use of IV in Guangzhou, every year sulfur dioxide of motor vehicles emissions reduces over 300 tons.