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The experts suggest building national methanol reserve in xi 'an (CCIN)

发布日期2014-02-18   来源:中润集团

     On February 12th, the reporter learns from decision-making consultation committee of Shaanxi province, the experts put forward the advice which is about the construction of suggestions of long distance gas transmission pipeline in Binchang and Yulin of Xi’an, and the advice has been submitted to the relevant government departments. Experts suggest that construct methanol long-distance pipeline of Binchang and Yulin in Xi 'an, and set up the country's largest methanol (energy) in strategic reserve, to drive the methanol development of Xi'an region and downstream of Wei river which is a high value-added industry.

     Xi 'an located in geometric center of China's inland, is an important transportation hub of the country, country strategic stockpile of alternative energy sources which are given priority to methanol was built here, once encounter emergencies, its national distribution distance is the shortest, lowest cost, best location conditions. Chemical industry experts, Shaanxi decision-making consultation committee Guo Weidong, director of the office, told reporters that the construction of methanol strategic reserve can not only satisfy the need of methanol as an important national strategic reserve alternative sources of energy, and can also take this opportunity to layout a batch of methanol to aromatics, methanol to olefins, polyurethane, polyester, isoprene rubber and other high-end synthetic material project. Methanol resources can be provided by long-distance pipeline of the golden triangle energy area in north of Xi’an, Binchang and Longdong region.

     It is understood that the two regions are rich in coal resources and the coal production and methanol production accounts for about two-thirds of the country, which is China's important production base of methanol. Among them, Shaanxi methanol production capacity is more than 5 million tons, and annual output is 3.41 million tons in 2013 and in 2020 annual production capacity plan to reach 37 million tons. Currently there are many ethanol production units only around xi 'an ,such as Xian yang Chemical 600000 tons, Weihua reached 600000 tons, XingHua nutrient-laden is 600000 tons, Baoji Changqing Chemical is 600000 tons and Huangling coal is 300000 tons, etc.

     Guo Weidong introduced that methanol is a liquid at common temperature, and in winter is not frozen, which is easy for pipeline. According to estimation, long-distance transport of 25 million tons per km is under investment of $5.31 million. Calculated at Yulin to Xi’an 10 million tons of methanol every year, invest in pipelines is no more than 500 million Yuan. But so far, methanol long-distance pipeline is still blank in our country.

     In recent years rising calls for replacing oil by methanol, in 2010 several academicians have petitioned the central the suggestion that construction of methanol strategic reserves. Guo Weidong believed that Shaanxi province as one of the national methanol auto pilot provinces, the methanol fuel standards, technology research and development, the promotion of the pilot in the top in the country. Relying on methanol resources and relatively abundant water resources infrastructure and talent advantage around Xi'an, which can plan and construct in xi 'an industry clusters of the leading product of high-end synthetic materials of integrated group project in xi 'an industry of Wei river such as 1 million tons of methanol to aromatics, 1.8 million tons of methanol to olefins, 1 million tons, 1 million tons of polyester polyurethane and 1 million tons of isoprene rubber. Now most of these products as high-end synthetic materials raw materials and intermediates need  a lot in imports of our country.

     These projects can use 8 ~ 10 million tons of methanol, which will form a huge high-end synthetic materials and their products of industrial cluster, and can form annual sales revenue of 200 billion Yuan of economic growth and urban new plate, and drive the aviation, aerospace, electronics, textile and deep processing industry in rapid development around Xi 'an.

     The reporter understands further interview, about whether to establish a methanol strategic stockpile built, where the industry is more controversial.

     The point of view of the parties

     Chairman of Shaanxi Asia energy petrochemical technology co., LTD., Guo Zhibin said, ideas of setting up the national strategy of methanol in xi 'an reserve are very well. On the one hand, Xi 'an owns the superior geographical position, and the pipeline of methanol radiate to east China, south China and other regions, which to reduce logistics costs, reservoir to stabilize the market. On the other hand is advantageous to the downstream products of methanol gasoline, etc, which can replace the shortage of oil resources, and reduce environmental pollution.

     The chief engineer of former Jiangsu coal chemical engineering research and design institute Feng Xiaoting introduced, from the perspective of national strategic consideration, methanol should be through the long-distance pipeline transportation. This is the most economic and safest way of transportation, in fact Canada and the United States have built long distance gas transmission pipeline of methanol. The physical properties of methanol are suitable for pipeline, safer than refined petroleum products, investment cost and energy consumption is low. As to where to build the methanol repertory, consideration should be given for alcohol users and the market demand, and can be set up scattered in closer from the terminal market of different location.

     Chief economist of Huadian yulin natural gas chemical industry limited liability company Hu Kepeng introduced, methanol long-distance pipeline construction can have another kind of train of thought: and methanol production capacity yulin and odors region is  nearly 10 million tons, the current daily output are more than 20000 tons. Which can lay a long distance gas transmission pipeline from the region to link Bohai area of methanol, link bohai area downstream market capacity is big, and can travel through the ship by sea to the east China, south China coastal areas, and the transportation cost is low.

     According to unnamed industry experts, only to solve the problem of methanol concentration, transport and downstream industries, can consider setting up national methanol strategic reserve .Currently, construction of national strategy of methanol reserve is not yet ripe. Toxicity of methanol, the degradation speed and other technical problems are need to be confirmed, and long-distance pipeline risk increases at the same time. The methanol is once leakage, whether the pollution is controlled, in terms of safety and environment system research is needed. Although the methanol to olefins, methanol to aromatics, such as methanol to ethylene glycol replace oil route of modern coal chemical technologies are getting mature, and single product costs also has a competitive edge, but still need to think carefully about setting up a  national methanol strategic stockpile.