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The promotion of methanol gasoline to eliminate the suffering of heart and lung (CNCIN)

发布日期2014-02-28   来源:中润集团

For days, smog weather continues to grip most of the country, which cause the public attention. The local government launched the emergency response plan in succession, seize the key link of energy structure, exhaust and dust, the punch on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, make efforts to achieve gradually improving air quality, and eliminate the suffering of heart and lung of people.

As is known to all, methanol gasoline is a kind of clean fuel, using methanol gasoline is to reduce vehicle emissions and also the effective measures to reduce smog. At present, our country methanol serious excess capacity, low price, car application is convenient, which means that methanol is likely to be the main oil alternative energy sources. But at the same time, about the safety and corrosion of methanol, etc., there are still some misunderstandings in the peoples’ understanding, also the government has not issued corresponding guide supporting measures actively, which affect the promotion of the use of methanol gasoline.

Now a lot of domestic cities have taken car restrictions, restrictions and other measures, to control vehicle emissions. The author thinks that this is only a temporary solution, the control effects of emissions is extremely limited. In strengthening the atmospheric pollution control in the haze, need to speed up the promotion of methanol gasoline urgently, and this will eliminate some doubt in people's mind in the first place.

One question is that is methanol safe? Methanol as fuel, compared with gasoline belong to medium toxic substances, as long as strengthening management in use, there is no problem.  When the car use methanol gasoline, such as storage, transportation, filling ,link warning marks are involved, as long as to observe the safety rules in the process of using, avoid long time exposure to high concentrations of methanol or swallowed methanol steam environment ,and can guarantee the safe use of methanol gasoline.

Second question is that will methanol engine damage the car? A few years ago there was a report that methanol gasoline had damaged the engine, in which methanol gasoline was the cause. But these are the problems that exist in the early use of methanol gasoline. By efforts of many famous domestic universities, research institutes and related enterprise research for many years, such as swelling of methanol gasoline resistance, corrosion resistance, air resistance, miscibility and other technical problems have been resolved at present. By corrosion swelling, add dedicated to methanol gasoline additives, this problem has been solved. Regular gas corrosion of national standards for no more than level 1, methanol gasoline caustic is no more than one level. It can be said that the current of methanol gasoline in use does not affect the operation of the engine; the performance and reliability have been implemented.

Third question is how about the methanol gasoline performance? Compared with regular gasoline, power, environmental protection and economy of methanol gasoline are impeccable. From the aspect of power performance, methanol gasoline is slightly higher than the dynamic performance of the two combustion methanol engine .If there is a separate development, it can increase the compression ratio of engine, and performance will also increase.

Methanol is a single material containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen combustion to produce heat, and is the foundation of the engine power, which is up to 50% of the oxygen content and leads to its fast burning, and can burn more fully in the same conditions, also at the same time can reduce the emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. For environmental protection of methanol gasoline, people concerned most about the formaldehyde emissions. Compared with gasoline, the formaldehyde emissions are in the same level, and trace level. To be sure, methanol gasoline PM2.5 emissions are much lower than ordinary gasoline, methanol is only a carbon atom, and particulate matter can't be formed after combustion. Such as use the M25 gasoline modulation methanol gasoline, carbon monoxide decreased by more than 50% on average, hydrocarbons decreased by more than 60% on average. Therefore, the application of methanol gasoline can greatly reduce automobile exhaust pollution of the atmosphere.

From an economic perspective, use of different proportions of methanol gasoline economic, their benefits is different, but the cost is lower than regular gasoline. Under normal circumstances, the high proportion of methanol gasoline own more economic advantages than low proportion of methanol gasoline, the proportion of methanol gasoline, methanol content of 30% ~ 70%) are not suitable for automobile use.

The author suggested that the country should speed up the promotion of the use of methanol gasoline, and tax incentives from government should be treated the same with the ethanol gasoline, natural gas and electric cars, cancel part of methanol in the methanol gasoline fuel consumption tax, and strengthen the guidance, extensive publicity to energy conservation and emissions reduction, reasonably promote methanol gasoline fully into the market as soon as possible.