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Nanjing: chemical enterprise disguises clairvoyance for oil and gas pipeline

发布日期2014-03-19   来源:中润集团

      Safety production committee of Nanjing government recently published the specific inspection supervision results of the industrial pipelines, oil and gas transmission pipeline in the city during the first stage pressure pipe, gas pipe network. Accordingly, much danger of current oil and gas pipelines in the city security is hidden, the present situation of the monitoring is difficult, Nanjing government decided to adopt the Internet of positioning system technology in petrochemical enterprises, which can let oil and gas pipeline safety and can see and touch.

     Nanjing committee requires major hazards including oil and gas pipelines, archivist files to register and monitor the real-time detection and evaluation of pipeline usage. But the current technology can't accomplish the underground pipeline leak location accurate positioning. The relevant person of Nanjing in charge of work safety bureau said that at present most of the oil and gas pipeline safety in domestic concerns are invisible and intangible, and only by using piecewise pressure monitoring technology for screening and positioning problem, and accurate rate is not high, also it is a time consuming work. For this reason, this year there will be petrochemical enterprise using the Internet positioning technology underground pipeline real-time status, which let oil and gas pipeline safety can see and touch.

     A technician of Nanjing Lang Kun software co., LTD. said, on the computer, digital construction in the urban underground pipeline engineering 3-D animation software; you can see how Internet detection system proved safe hidden trouble of underground oil and gas pipelines. Underground oil and gas pipeline run 24 hours a day, mostly sensor fitted on pipeline, pipeline operation data can be through the local fiber network, microwave communications network, collect real-time feedback to the control room computer, realizing all-weather visual monitoring. By GPS and GIS technology, the sensor can also be displayed around the pipeline, which can reduce the probability of the adjacent pipeline when maintenance, rescue injured or dig off.