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Nanjing will become the first provincial capital city to promote the V diesel (CCECERN)

发布日期2014-03-26   来源:中润集团

      Recently, reporters learned from Nanjing municipal environmental protection bureau, from April 1, Nanjing will promote the use of the fifth stage vehicle diesel (hereinafter referred to as the diesel),and become the third cities using diesel region in advance after Shanghai and Beijing, which is also the first the capital city to promote diesel.

    Professional studies confirm that the motor vehicle exhaust pollutant of PM2.5 is easy to cause the secondary pollution of influence on the air in cities, and should become the focus of the urban governance haze. In February 2013, the executive meeting of the state council determined to implement the standard timetable of diesel, countries gasoline and diesel oil, which issued by the end of June 2013 the fifth stage vehicle diesel standards (sulfur content is not more than 10 PPM),and published the fifth phase motor gasoline standard by the end of 2013 (sulfur content is not more than 10 PPM), and the transition period is to the end of 2017.

    Chief engineer of Jiangsu province municipal environmental protection bureau Liu Jianlin think that related to eliminate emissions of heavy consists car and consists car restrictions measures, oil upgrading is a wider environmental action.

    Compared with the diesel, the diesel sulfur content reduced by about 97%, which is considered to be the clean diesel at the moment. It is understood that by January 1, 2015, diesel standards will be adopted across the country.