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At present, gas stations of the company are chiefly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta. As planned, the number of gas stations purchased and leased will be over 100 at the end of 2012. By then, corporate brands and advantages of stations will gradually present themselves, offering services of higher quality to clients.

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A brief introduction to highly clean petrol of M series:  >

1. Highly clean petrol of M series is a kind of vehicle fuel compounded via certain technology, i.e. addictives as patent technology of CRPC, petrol of international standard and methyl alcohol.

2. No transformation of vehicles is needed as long as highly clean petrol of M series is used.

3. With better effects, highly clean petrol of M series is as applicable as petrol of international standard (i.e. 90#, 93#, 95#, 97#). It can be used separately or mixed with ordinary petrol and ethanol petrol in any proportion.

4. With such fuel used, automobiles of the same type will experience strong motive power, superior acceleration, stable slow speed, reduction of engine noise, a remarkable effect of petrol-saving and absence of lead, etc. As revealed by testing on the discharge of tail-gas, its harmful substances, such as CO and HC compounds, are respectively 95.3%22.2% less than those of ordinary petrol, hence reducing carbon precipitaion, prolonging the engine life and greatly reducing harmful gas in the tail-gas discharged.