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jiangsu runran Environmental Energy Co;Ltd

  jiangsu runran Environmental Energy Co;Ltd (RRHN)is a high-tech enterprise under Zhongrun Group. It dedicates itself to thedevelopment of high-tech products for environmental protection andenergy-saving, project construction, sales, popularizationa and application ofproducts. As a member of Zhongrun Group, it won the honor of “A key high-techenterprise of Jiangsu province” in 2007.

  Taking “Environmental protection andenergy-saving” as its goal through unremitting efforts, giving full play to andmaking use of such resource-oriented advantages as the capital, talented peopleand market management of Zhongrun Group, as well as relying on a large numberof high-tech talents of Nanjing University and High Technology of NanjingUniversity, it has always been at the forefront of science and technology inR&D of products. It has particularly taken the lead in the same industry interms of R&D, production, sales, project construction, consultancy and technicalservice of the digital system for urban illumination (sceneries), system forelectricity-saving equipment, system of solar illumination, LED and lamp systemas well as new materials for new energy.

  The company adopts the mechanism of marketoperation for modernized enterprises.With the management thoughts and methodsof “Humanity, science, stadardization and high efficiency”, it adheres to theoperation concepts of “Competing for markets with quality products, enteringmarkets with creditworthiness, winning over markets with quality service andoccupying markets with famous brands” and energetically advocates theenterprise spirit of “Daring to make innovation and making it easy forcooperation with others”. It has all along been making efforts in R&D ofhigh-tech products and sincerely reinforcing cooperation with people from allwalks of life tomeet client demands, offering forceful support and guaranteefor clients in saving energy, reducing expenditure and increasing economicresults.


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