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  The web-site for renewable resources of China was set up thanks to the efforts of senior personages engaged in the research of circulatory economy for a long time together with institutions of higher learning. Now, it has developed into a platform of E-commerce service (BTOB) marked by a perfect framework, rich information and powerful functions, having become an important channel for communication, exchange, publishment and acquisition of information on Chinese and foreign renewable resources among companies concerned.  The web-site for renewable resources of circulatory economy, i.e., as the first one of its kind in China in dealing with renewable resources of circulatory economy, has long been dedicating itself to promoting the development of circulatory economy in China and offering service of E-trade to enterprises. Since its establishment, it has formed long-term and stable cooperative relations with various famous enterprises of renewable resources in the world. Many world-famous enterprises have successively entrusted this web-site to seek for business partners of creditworthiness in China for cooperation.

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